Herlitz and Catalyst have been partnered since 2018 and can bring steady wins to your business in the supply chain and purchasing system.

Our mission is to remove the guesswork from purchasing and simplify the ordering process for buyers. The tools and features built into HIMPACT offer tremendous insights that help you make better business decisions. In fact, there is often so much information available that it may seem overwhelming at first.

We never want our users to feel intimidated. That’s why we’ve partnered with Catalyst. Catalyst helps our clients create their own detailed journey for using HIMPACT. Each month, the inventory management professionals at Catalyst guide you in taking calculated and important steps forward to find even greater results. Powered by the HIMPACT system, their process offers a long-term approach that looks beyond the immediate gains and helps you find small and big wins years into the future.

With Catalyst, you get custom interactive dashboards and reporting, which display the insights from HIMPACT in a very effective way. These dashboards enable you to take a deep dive into your performance and helps you to improve every aspect of your replenishment operations.

The Catalyst guidance was never more important than during the pandemic, where bold moves were needed to maintain cashflow and ensure service. Catalyst works alongside the inventory leaders, looking at the stories created by its dashboards. Those stories lead to an action plan and pushes HIMPACT to even greater results. The goal is to provide great results through HIMPACT every month.

When exploring the HIMPACT and Catalyst integration, one prospect commented:

“We have looked extensively at many replenishment systems in the market. We needed a solution that could address the new challenges of today, as well as the challenges of the future. Throughout our searching process, it was clear that Herlitz was the best system for us. The functionality and customer connection that they have created is bar none.

Another key benefit is the partnership between Herlitz and Catalyst. Catalyst has been helping to bring training, collaboration, and real value to our team for many years.

HIMPACT by Herlitz offers all the purchasing and demand data we need, and Catalyst helps us analyze it to find more insights and make better inventory decisions.”

Take the First Step on Your Journey

If you currently use HIMPACT and would like to learn more about Catalyst, contact us today to get started. Please reach out if you have any questions about the Herlitz-Catalyst partnership, or if you’d like to learn more about implementing HIMPACT for your business.