Grocery & Food

HIMPACT® delivers Better Results for Grocery and Foodservice

HIMPACT® was designed to be an all-in-one solution that provides superior results for both stores and DCs. Food and Grocery businesses deal with high turns, promotions, and razor-thin margins on a daily basis. Additionally, the importance of handling date-sensitive products and better managing spoilage is a top priority. This calls for a stronger, more agile inventory management approach.

Key features provide you with the information and tools you need to better run your business:

  • Advanced Demand Forecasting – Track demand more accurately, improve fill rates, increase sales, and lower waste.
  • Daily Re-forecasts – No need to wait for the night job to run. Re-forecast daily and replenish your inventory multiple times per day as needed!
  • Daily Alerts on Promotional Products – Identify potential problems earlier so you have more time to find a solution.
  • Daily Variation in demand within the week is automatically tracked for each product and location. The “seasonality within the week” is integrated into replenishment orders. Deliver a better flow of product, particularly for date-sensitive SKUs.
  • Shelf Life rules – These rules drive the logic of replenishment calculations and are integrated into promotional planning and Overstock transfer calculations.
  • Track Promotional Demand – promotion demand can be tracked down to the Customer/Store levels. Identify by chain and region and store what was sold on promotion.
  • Big Data Drill Down – Identify when your customers’ preferences change, up or down. Our Big Data drill down helps you know the demand shifts at the location and SKU level. Know what happened without changing screens!

Our proprietary demand forecasting and built-in analytics will give you a more accurate picture of your business and your customers. Know more and make smarter buying decisions. See our Wholesale and Retail pages for more about our advanced solution!