Beer, Wine & Spirits

HIMPACT® reduces excess inventory. Its powerful set of buying capabilities delivers greater insights for better decision-making.

Beer, Wine & Spirits is an industry valued at over $100 Billion and has a seemingly endless variety of beverage options. While consumers appreciate having choices, it makes having a profitable business challenging for wholesale alcohol distributors.

New products appear on the market regularly from craft breweries and wineries. With the high number of classic beverages already on the market, SKU levels can quickly rise and fill up warehouses. The seasonality of different beverages, managing multiple warehouses, and keeping track of various lead times across locations are just a few of the layers of complexity that can make operations difficult for Beer, Wine & Spirits distributors.

HIMPACT: Designed for Beer, Wine & Spirits Distributors

  • Advanced Demand Forecasting – HIMPACT is designed to look forward rather than backward, which greatly enhances forecast accuracy. Beer, Wine & Spirits distributors using HIMPACT can ensure they have the inventory on-hand to maintain customer service level goals.
  • Replenishment – HIMPACT creates daily orders to support your actual business needs. The system uses your buying multiples, seasonality, and projected inventory levels to quickly build POs so that inventory lands just in time.
  • Truck Split – Easily split up orders to multiple locations with HIMPACT Truck Split features.
  • Order Flexibility – Buyers can build, change, combine or rebuild orders quickly and easily in HIMPACT.
  • Fast – Create next month’s POs for Anheuser-Busch or Miller, with deliveries broken down by week, in 10-15 minutes.

Know more and make smarter buying decisions with HIMPACT.

HIMPACT makes buying easier and faster, and it gives a more accurate picture of your business and your customers. HIMPACT’s proprietary demand forecasting capabilities, coupled with its in-depth analytics and other powerful features for buyers, deliver tangible benefits quickly for Beer, Wine & Spirits distributors of any size.

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