Store Replenishment

Demand-Driven Store Replenishment

HIMPACT® Store Replenishment is designed to support your business, whether you have one retail location or hundreds of stores with multiple distribution centers. Store Replenishment encompasses many areas, such as:

  • DC replenishment
  • Direct store delivery
  • Cross-dock
  • Flow-through
  • Plans, bookings, and more.

Herlitz Inventory Management has designed HIMPACT® to understand the complexities of these supply chains that flow products into your stores.

We also understand the new marketplaces and supply chain challenges you face. We have the tools to support your supply chain strategies. Our integrated tool-set fully supports promotions, new item roll-outs, and events. HIMPACT® improves your store replenishment processes and your bottom line.

Store replenishment touches many areas when calculating order quantities, including key factors like:

  • Demand Forecasts
  • Promotions
  • Seasonality
  • Economic Order Quantities (EOQ)
  • Order/Delivery Schedules
  • Shelf Space
  • Presentation Stocks

HIMPACT® integrates all of these elements and many others that affect the quantity and timing of orders.

Depending upon your store planning methods, we can work with min-max calculations or information from your planogram to ensure that you have the optimal amount of presentation stock in inventory.

Key Features of HIMPACT’s Store Replenishment Capabilities

  • Stores can be grouped or clustered together for planning purposes to achieve better transportation utilization and lower delivery costs.
  • Our robust allocation methodology has the flexibility to allocate products based on a variety of stores, locations, or other grouping factors. It also has the ability to allocate based upon a constrained supply or by time supply.
  • HIMPACT’s Store Groups/Store Set functionality allows you to manage assortments across thousands of locations with dynamic service goals, presentation stocks, and forecasts.
  • New Item Rollout has greater flexibility than other systems. It utilizes pattern after functionality, product cannibalization, and the ability to kick start SKUs by setting demand based on different ranking methods, like location rank, department or category rank, store group, or region.
  • Workbench Alerts identify potential service issues providing you the ability to respond to spikes and dips.

Store Replenishment is highly integrated with our other modules and improves your customer service while lowering your store inventory. HIMPACT gives you the ability to manage the variety and complexity of your supply chain replenishment programs, during regular and promotion periods, providing you with the best possible results.