Order Management — Order Analysis

Become Proactive and Lower Your Costs with Order Analysis by HIMPACT®

Maintaining a steady flow of products to your locations is critical to your business. However, this is no small feat. Many buyers find themselves scrambling to fix a whole host of inventory challenges.

With HIMPACT’s Order Analysis solution, you can go from being reactive to proactive on service issues, and get out of firefighting mode.

What is Order Analysis?

Order Analysis is a tool within HIMPACT® for buyers. It ensures a steady flow of inbound products to support your customer service, eliminating the service emergencies that consume so much time and money.

How Order Analysis Works

Order Analysis delivers daily insights into your inbound orders, customer demand, and inventory data. It alerts you to problems or potential problems with outstanding orders and provides actionable, fact-based insights. The daily alerts and insights help enhance processes, thereby improving financial performance and customer satisfaction.

All open purchase orders are reviewed daily, with exceptions delivered to the buyers as alerts. Buyers can then proactively manage potential problems and quickly identify solutions to service and stock issues, like:

  • Demand spikes for regular and promotional items
  • Long vendor lead times
  • Products with secondary (fill-in) local suppliers
  • Dips in sales from delays in already placed purchase orders

By identifying over-due orders, out-of-stocks, dips in safety stock, and overstocks, order analysis brings forward your exceptions. This puts you in the driver’s seat and gives you time to adjust delivery dates and order quantities, place fill-in orders with current or alternative suppliers, or work with logistics providers to expedite needed shipments.

Order Analysis drives better operational decisions, lowers your costs, and provides higher levels of promotional lift and customer service. It is a key part of the safety net that HIMPACT’s design provides. Order Analysis identifies the mid-course corrections you need to make, ensuring the flow of inbound products into your business.