Inventory Management Software that Tells You:







Forecast True Demand

We’ve incorporated new methodology and daily analytics into demand forecasting and inventory replenishment.

Place Orders in Seconds

Herlitz Inventory Management HIMPACT® is a Best of Breed Supply Chain solution for Wholesale and Retail, putting products into your customer’s hands faster and more efficiently.

Replenish Inventory with Ease

Herlitz Inventory Management HIMPACT® Store Replenishment is designed to support your business, whether you have one retail location or hundreds of stores with multiple distribution centers.

Know more with HIMPACT®

Invest in Your Most
Important Asset

The purchasing department controls your most important asset: inventory. Nothing else matters if there is no inventory.

Why is the purchasing team the last to get a new solution?

Clunky, confusing systems and in-house solutions won’t cut it. Today’s purchasing teams must know true demand for every product and ensure inventory is replenished on time.

Know more with HIMPACT®

Buyers need a powerful purchasing system. When buyers know more, they become more valuable to their team and company.

The HIMPACT® purchasing system empowers buyers to know true demand, get daily forecasts for every product, and replenish inventory with ease.


During our reference call phase, we discovered two different references were already using features that we requested. We were pleased to learn the popular features were already added to the base system for all customers. Carl impressed us with how quickly his team was able to implement system enhancements.format_quote
Lori Rutland
Corporate Project Director, Associated Grocers, Inc.
This is probably the 9th or 10th time we have used the PO upload for our Seasonal Show Orders and it is mind boggling how fast it goes. This year we created 268 POs in a couple seconds. It is a great, great tool. It is not only useful for huge PO orders but it is also a time saver for those orders that you have to work out in excel for whatever reason.format_quote
Marc Lajoie
Manager of Procurement, Imperial Distributors
The Herlitz team is exceptional. Very little IT support was needed on our side and we had an uneventful go live - the benchmark of a successful implementation.format_quote
Rich Stuber
VP of Information Technology, URM Stores, Inc.
I’m obsessed with himpact. I’ve been working on wine set up, placing orders, and playing around in all the modules. I can’t imagine ever going back to E3.format_quote
Marissa Gregori
Purchasing Manager, Lipman Brothers, LLC
The Herlitz team demonstrated their value during the initial phase of the pandemic in 2020. Our team of buyers was only about halfway through training when the crisis arose, causing us to put the training on hold while we focused on our customers. The Herlitz team supported us the whole time.format_quote
Scott O’Brien
Director of Grocery Systems, Piggly Wiggly Alabama Distributing Co., Inc.
HIMPACT is the most successful software implementation in the last five years and it is definitely the one with the most ROI.format_quote
Brian Wyrostek
Vice President of Strategy and Business Development, Pet Food Experts
By switching to HIMPACT, URM has converted from E3TRIM to TRIM on steroids!format_quote
Mike VanCleef
Buyer - Business Operations Manager Purchasing Department, URM Stores, Inc.
When rolling out HIMPACT, we started with purchasing from smaller vendors first. We were delighted to see higher customer fill rates and reduced inventories. This trend continued as we eventually rolled out our largest vendors.format_quote
Phylicia Proulx
Director Of Purchasing, Pet Food Experts
With HIMPACT installed, our store’s customer service went from 78 percent to over 95 percent with lower levels of inventory. We are buying smarter and making our customer’s experience even better.format_quote
Steve McCloud
General Manager, Downtown Wine & Spirits
Our current system (E3 TRIM) was a great workhorse, but we needed better tools to compete in today’s marketplace ... Their new solution, HIMPACT, gives us the tools to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.format_quote
Michael J. Epstein
COO, Horizon Beverage
The HIMPACT® Difference

Designed by Buyers

The Herlitz Inventory Management team has a deep legacy in purchasing solutions. Our roots go back to the first computerized buying solution from 1962. Today, our team is made up of former buyers. We know your pain points because we’ve experienced them first-hand.

The HIMPACT® Difference

Your New Best Friend

The HIMPACT® system is designed with you in mind. Every feature and function of the software aims to make your life easier. Our goal is to make HIMPACT your new best friend by simplifying the entire buying process so you can stand out in your role.