Good Start Program


A buyer training program designed to ensure a superior HIMPACT onboarding experience. We believe in continuous, eager support!!

We align our supply chain expertise and best practices with your company objectives in order to cultivate strong professional relationships with your users.


Many companies spend millions of dollars on supply chain software. They often discover their buyers are using Excel and clipboards because the software is too complicated and untrusted by the users.

Even when there is an in-house buyer mentor for a large buying group, we recommend your buyers’ first introduction to HIMPACT be from our training staff and training curriculum. It yields the best results.


1. Weekly one-hour mentoring and review call with your entire team. For our Grocery accounts, we do two one-hour meetings per week, one for Perishables and Cigarette buyers and one for GM/HBW buyers.

  • Data Analysis of Progress: vendors, items, inventory levels, service level, etc.
  • Visual check of vendors and items covering 30 key components individually summarized by buyers to ensure benefits are achieved.

2. Assessment Tests: provided to gauge progress and guide follow-up training.

The Good Start Training Program has been used for years to make our clients successful. It’s a simple and structured way to integrate HIMPACT into your buying processes. It allows you to work with a vendor from start to finish and make sure all factors are accurate. It provides your users with a 4–6 month plan to success, and beyond.

Your users can better make the transition as they begin to see the time savings that occurs. HIMPACT does the complex calculations that a buyer previously did to arrive at optimal orders, freeing up their time to focus on other aspects of their roles.

We begin with meeting your users for two solid weeks of intense, hands-on training. Once initial training is complete, we schedule weekly calls and reinforce training, using real-life examples to show the users how to best use HIMPACT to make them more effective and efficient. During these weekly virtual calls, we select a topic for review but answer any other questions live that users may have.
Immediately after the HIMPACT initial training cycle, users will be charged with continuing the setup of their vendors to completion. Our return visit 3-4 weeks later helps buyers with more complicated vendor configurations and items. We then move to more advanced training.

Speak to one of our training reps to learn more: +1 (617) 871-9001.


During and after the Good Start program, any buyer can request a one-on-one training session at no charge. Buyer support via e-mail is unlimited.