Client Challenge

COVID-19 continues to negatively affect Imperial Distributors’ suppliers, causing shortages and delays leading to poor vendor fill rates.

As HIMPACT users for over 10 years, Imperial Distributors has seen the benefits of the system time and again. The company has trusted Herlitz Inventory Management and the powerful features in HIMPACT to optimize and stabilize the service levels and improve inventory turns.

With HIMPACT in place, Imperial Distributors was better positioned to navigate supply chain disruptions and other complications caused by the virus. One example of this is that HIMPACT allows Imperial’s buyers to be more efficient.

It is essential how quickly HIMPACT and its forecasts react to change because change is a constant in our business.
– Marc Lajoie, Manager of Procurement, Imperial Distributors

Result of HIMPACT

Daily Re-Forecasting and Alerts

HIMPACT re-forecasts every item every day. The forecasting, as a result, is quite accurate and enables Imperial Distributors to react quickly to changes. Further, any new forecasts that might be different from what was expected show up as daily alerts. These alerts allow Imperial Distributors to see what items will behave differently than expected and take action on any surprises.


Major Time Savings with Automated Uploads

Imperial Distributors conducts four seasonal shows per year, with similar inventory requirements for each. When ordering seasonal or promotional products, Imperial leverages the PO Upload capability in HIMPACT. This feature enables them to upload orders for over 250 vendors in a few seconds. Prior to using this HIMPACT feature, this was a manually intensive task that took 12-14 days. With HIMPACT, it now takes 12-14 seconds.

HIMPACT also offers the ability to upload other key information, like:

  • Item Information Uploads – used to set initial forecasts and buying classes for large groups of items
  • Booking/Ad Uploads – for special orders and for promotions
  • Deal Uploads – for off-invoice & bill backs discounts and price increases

Imperial Distributors Trusts HIMPACT

“HIMPACT’s responsiveness to every issue that comes along is absolutely amazing and virtually immediate. They have also been extremely open to concepts and suggestions that we have brought to the table. Their developers perform at a very high level and they are up for any challenge and help us with any problem and continually improve the system. The Herlitz Inventory Management team is several steps above and beyond anything else that I have ever seen. Plus, they are just plain very nice people to work with.”
—Marc Lajoie, Manager of Procurement, Imperial Distributors

Marc Lajoie, Manager of Procurement at Imperial Distributors, said “HIMPACT has streamlined many processes that used to be done manually. But the story is not about the ability to upload. The story is about the quality and intelligence of the of the system itself. At Imperial, not only does the Procurement team trust HIMPACT, but also the Category Managers and Upper Management trusts HIMPACT. HIMPACT and Imperial have an excellent working relationship.”


Ease of Use and Implementation

Due to the design of HIMPACT, it is easy for companies to implement and requires little to no additional IT resources. It is a flexible system that works well on a variety of existing technologies.

Imperial Distributors loves how well HIMPACT works with their internal I.T. department. Lajoie commented, “HIMPACT is easy for new users to learn and is quite intuitive. It is very strong in the areas of onboarding and education in general.”


Founded in 1939 and based in Worcester, MA, Imperial Distributors is recognized as the performance leader in Non-Foods. Imperial Distributors delivers health, beauty and wellness products, general merchandise, seasonal items, and other non-food merchandise products to over 4,200 customer locations. The company also ships more than 1.3 million units each week from its warehouse and distribution centers.


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