Demand Driven Warehouse Replenishment

HIMPACT DC Replenishment is designed to support your business whether you are a wholesale distributor with a single DC or a retailer with multiple distribution centers. Herlitz IM understands the complexities of supply chain planning and has designed an integrated solution that works for you. HIMPACT provides your team with the tools to improve your DC replenishment process, improving your bottom line.

DC order calculations have many factors that need to be taken into account when calculating replenishment orders across vendor lines for each individual location / sku combination: including these 4 key Factors: Demand Forecasting, Inventory Optimization, Order Policy Analysis, and Lead Time Forecasting.

Other factors that HIMPACT will integrate as they occur into DC replenishment calculations include:

  • Super Vendor
  • Planning and Bookings
  • Events & Promotions
  • Forward Buys

The goal of the system is to integrate your logistics planning, promotion planning and economics as inputs, so that the daily orders reflect the best possible decisions to support your business going forward. Orders are calculated each day based on the constraints established for each vendor and each of the items. The Due Orders and future orders for all vendors are available on the buyer workbench.

HIMPACT DC Replenishment is highly integrated with our other modules and improves your customer service while lowering inventory investment. It has the flexibility to help manage the complexities of your supply chain replenishment programs, both during regular and promotion periods, providing the best possible results.