Horizon Beverage Updates Forecasting and Analytics

BOSTON (September 1, 2015) — Herlitz Inventory Management, leading innovator in scientific demand forecasting, replenishment and optimization, is proud to partner with Horizon Beverage Company based in Norton, Mass. to deliver a rich, market focused solution that optimizes service and profitability. Horizon Beverage is a leading distributor of wine, spirits and beer in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont.

Horizon Beverage has been successfully using an older Herlitz design for the last two decades. Michael J. Epstein, Executive Vice President and C.O.O. of Horizon Beverage, says partnering with Herlitz IM is critical to maintaining their leadership position.  “Our current system was a great workhorse, but we need better tools to compete in today’s marketplace. Our strategic goal is to be the absolute leader in customer service for the beverage segment,” Epstein said. “HIMPACT and its new technology are a logical next step. Herlitz IM understands our challenges. Their new solution, HIMPACT, gives us the tools to meet or exceed our customer expectations.”

Wine, spirits and beer wholesalers have seen a huge expansion in suppliers and product lines in the last decade. “Consumers are demanding more choices and better service,” Carl Herlitz, CEO of Herlitz IM said. “HIMPACT”s innovative features help meet this challenge. Horizon and other distributors with growing product assortments can greatly benefit from our new tightly-integrated approach. HIMPACT”s daily demand forecasting and analytics deliver superior service along with a 49% reduction in safety stock compared to our 1991 design.”

About Horizon Beverage
Horizon Beverage Company, founded in 1933, is a privately held, family-owned distributor of spirits, wine, and beer. Horizon employs over 700 people throughout New England. Through four generations of ownership, Horizon has relied on a service-oriented approach to meet the needs of its customers, and successfully serve the New England retail market.

About Herlitz Inventory Management
Founded in 2009, Herlitz Inventory Management (Herlitz IM) provides tightly integrated Demand Forecasting, Order Optimization, Promotion and Forward Buying. Herlitz innovative designs are an industry standard; used by thousands of companies to optimize inventory. With end-to-end visibility and new insights, HIMPACT is uniquely suited to today¹s marketplace, delivering optimized buying quantities, highly satisfied customers and tighter inventory management.

Our multi-echelon solution HIMPACT is a ninth generation product built on the core principle, “We make purchasing work for people.”  HIMPACT delivers best results in under ninety days.