In January 2022, Lipman Brothers officially signed with Herlitz Inventory Management to gain a more robust purchasing and replenishment system that would help reduce inventory, increase efficiency, and increase sales without increasing year-over-year inventory.

August 25, 2022, Cambridge, MA – Herlitz Inventory Management, a leading innovator in scientific demand forecasting, replenishment, and optimization, announced that Lipman Brothers chose HIMPACT® as its new purchasing and inventory optimization system. Lipman Brothers has deep roots in wine and spirits distribution. Established in 1939, they were the first distributors of wine and spirits in Tennessee and were the first distributor of Jack Daniel’s after prohibition. They also were the first to deliver for other well-known brands like Glenmore Distilling Co., Bacardi, and Fleischmann’s. Today, Lipman Brothers delivers wine, spirits, and beer to retail, grocery, convenience, and bars/restaurants in 74 of Tennessee’s 95 counties.

Herlitz Inventory Management President and CEO, Carl Herlitz, commented, “We are thrilled to be working with Lipman Brothers again. As users of our legacy E3 system, we have a long history of supporting Lipman Brothers and look forward to helping their company achieve even greater results with HIMPACT®.”

Lipman Brothers previously used E3 Trim, the system Carl and Anders Herlitz wrote in 1991, as their purchasing system. While the legacy system was incredibly powerful for its time, it lacks some of the more sophisticated capabilities and forecasting methods that newer inventory management systems provide. Lipman Brothers had three primary motives to begin their search for a new replenishment tool. First, the IT team wanted something more modern from a technological standpoint that would work well with their current tech stack. Second, the replenishment team required a tool that provided more visibility and greater buying capabilities. Third, the management team was looking to increase efficiencies, reduce inventory, and increase sales without increasing year-over-year inventory.

During their selection process, Lipman Brothers initially looked at three different purchasing solutions from three different providers, including HIMPACT® by Herlitz. They narrowed it down to HIMPACT® and one other option with similar capabilities, but HIMPACT® was ultimately selected for its user-friendly interface, and how seamless the interface transition would be.

When asked why they selected HIMPACT® from Herlitz Inventory Management, a Lipman Brothers spokesperson stated, “As existing users of E3, we were familiar with the industry background of the Herlitz family, and we already had an immense amount of trust in what HIMPACT® could offer. We also discovered how the new system would help increase buyer productivity, streamline our existing processes, and provide access to better forecasting and replenishment tools. HIMPACT® also provides daily insights and will help improve our profitability and customer service levels.”

Since Lipman Brothers signed in January, the system has been fully implemented with minimal effort from internal IT personnel, and all buyers have been thoroughly trained on the new system. The Lipman Brothers spokesperson added, “We look forward to working with a company who loves this industry and wants to see us succeed. We are also excited to learn more about additional modules in HIMPACT® that are available to us. The Herlitz Team offers tremendous support, and we value knowing we have someone on the other end of the system to guide us and who welcomes our questions.”

To learn more about Herlitz Inventory Management, visit the Herlitz Inventory Management website or call (617) 871-9001.

About Lipman Brothers

A third-generation business established in 1939, Lipman Brothers was the first distributor of spirits and wine in Tennessee. With an extensive wholesale portfolio of spirits, wine, beer, non-alcoholic beverages, and cigars; Lipman Brothers has demonstrated leadership in the marketplace for more than 75 years. Lipman Brothers’ corporate headquarters is located in Nashville, TN, with additional facilities in East Tennessee. The company services all trade channels including retail, grocery, convenience, and bars/restaurants.

About Herlitz Inventory Management

Founded in 2009, Herlitz Inventory Management (Herlitz IM) provides tightly integrated Demand Forecasting, Order Optimization, Promotion, and Forward Buying. Herlitz’s innovative designs are an industry standard; used by thousands of companies to optimize inventory.

With end-to-end visibility and new insights, HIMPACT® is uniquely suited to today’s marketplace, delivering optimized buying quantities, highly satisfied customers, and tighter inventory management.