Moving Forward – Improving Performance & Efficiency

“Thank You for Your Loyalty and Support!”

There are hundreds of you running our legacy systems, supporting thousands of DCs and stores in demand forecasting and inventory replenishment. Many of you are profitable and happy with your results and may be asking the question: “Why should I look at making a change?”

The answer is your opportunity cost. Our legacy products were designed around the technology base of the early 1990’s. Please pull out your Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone and compare them to this picture:

not-so-smart-phoneThis is a Motorola International 2300, the first digital mobile phone, commonly called a “brick phone”. It has limited features by today’s standards; no hands free, no texting, and no internet. Weighing in at 1.25 lbs., it was at the forefront of technology in 1992. Remarkably, you could use one today to make calls, if your carrier has a GSM network.

Great, but why would you use such a primitive phone with limited functions?

The designs of Herlitz legacy products also date back to the same 1990’s. Our  features and functions were limited by technology and computing power of the day. Remarkably, your current smart phone has much higher computing power than any AS400 from that era!

Legacy systems still provide value, but technology’s ongoing march forward has never stopped accelerating. Moore’s Law, which has been validated, states that computing power doubles every 12-18 months. What does that mean to you? Simply put, by not staying current means you are falling behind your competition. Think of it this way:

If your company replaced your sales people’s smart phones and tablets with 1992 “brick phones,” what kind of results would you achieve?

HIMPACT uses today’s technology base and provides your team an integrated solution with a more sophisticated design that utilizes today’s computing “horsepower” to make smarter buying decisions that improve both efficiency and performance:

  • Advanced Demand Forecasting that Lowers Inventory and Improves Service
  • Effectively Manage the Trade-Off between Service and Profitability
  • Daily Analytics provide insights and alerts on all aspects of your business
  • Make your team smarter and more productive

One of our current customers, converted from a legacy product and experienced the following results: A 50% decrease in inventory, a full point improvement in customer service, both occurring during a 6 month period with a 35% increase in sales.

You can still expect an ROI in under 6 months.