Place orders accurately without service interruptions during a manufacturer disruption to your facility.

Start Preparing for the Holidays Now!

With the holidays soon approaching, it is imperative that your stores and warehouses are ready and equipped to handle the demand. Likewise, not over or understocking is crucial. HIMPACT offers various calendar functions which help buyers order items without service interruptions due to manufacturers being closed.

HIMPACT enables buyers to plan for vendor shutdowns, manufacturing delays/shutdowns, and for larger events, such as the Chinese New Year in the far east.

Calendar Functions allow you to properly plan for a Vendor shut down, such as Chinese New Year, and assists buyers in stocking up to maintain service goals.

How it Works – Calendar Function at the Source Level

The Calendar functionality is handy in dealing with temporary vendor closures. For example, a vendor may indicate that December 10 is the last day to order and get the normal delivery with a 7-day lead time. The Vendor will not reopen until January 7th but promises to deliver with its standard 7-day lead time for any orders received on January 7th. Since there are 28 days between December 10 and January 7, we need coverage to take us that far PLUS the 7-day lead time, giving us a coverage requirement of 35 days.

This last order will come in on December 17th and should provide inventory coverage through January 14th.

This feature helps our buyers when they need to prepare for vendor shutdowns. It is as easy as navigating to the correct place in the system and enabling the features with very little input needed.

Start Benefiting from HIMPACT in as little as 4-6 Weeks

Interested in getting started with these calendar functions? For many solutions, it can take months or even years to research, select, and implement a new purchasing system. With HIMPACT, the speed of implantation is a fraction of that.

The time it takes for the system to be implemented, buyers to be trained on the system, and for you to start seeing benefits can be as quick as 4-6 weeks. That timeframe isn’t an anomaly, it’s standard for our implementations.

Prepare for the holidays and start planning for vendor shutdowns. Get started with HIMPACT today and be up fully up in running in a few weeks. Contact us today to get started.