Brookshire Brothers Inc., a Texas-based grocery retail chain, chose HIMPACT by Herlitz Inventory Management as its new forecasting and replenishment software. The decision was made after the grocer conducted a thorough selection process in which HIMPACT rose to the top.

August, 17, 2023, Cambridge, MA – Herlitz Inventory Management, leading innovator in scientific demand forecasting, replenishment, and optimization, announced that Brookshire Brothers Inc. has selected HIMPACT as its new purchasing system. As a one-hundred-year-old grocery retail chain, Brookshire Brothers has grown from a single general store to hundreds of locations spanning everything from grocery stores to fuel, convenience, coffee, and tobacco shops. Brookshire Brother’s growth was the impetus to find a more advanced forecasting and replenishment software and partner.

“John Alson, Brookshire Brother’s CEO, asked me how well we would handle a Retail Chain’s DC replenishment needs since much of our experience is with Wholesalers,” said Carl Herlitz, President & CEO at Herlitz Inventory Management. “I responded that HIMPACT is well-equipped and more than capable of helping grocery distribution centers solve inventory management challenges. Forecasting demand, new item introduction, and promotion management at the wholesale level are complex challenges that we have already conquered, and we will bring all that knowledge, experience, and innovation to our newest client, Brookshire Brothers.”

Brookshire Brothers was using the BICEPS software successfully, but the company wanted to move away from UNIX. To find a solution that best fits their needs, the company conducted an extensive RFP in which Herlitz IM was asked to submit responses and perform a demo. After thoroughly reviewing several systems and vendors, HIMPACT was ultimately selected.

“We reviewed several providers, but HIMPACT checked the boxes on our list,” commented Bryan Tyler, Vice President of Audit at Brookshire Brothers Inc. “After seeing what HIMPACT can do, we are very confident we made the right choice and look forward to using it as soon as possible.”

With the addition of Brookshire Brothers to the Herlitz family, the company noted another client previously using BICEPS has made the switch to HIMPACT. Herlitz added, “We are grateful to have been chosen, and even more thankful to have other great clients who referred us to the Brookshire Brothers team.”

“The HIMPACT solution fits our needs the most,” stated Ron Cook, Corporate Systems Director at Brookshire Brothers Inc. “It also addresses some key functional gaps we identified in our current solution. From what we have seen, HIMPACT will help improve our service and further our goal of providing the freshest food and products to our shoppers.”

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About Brookshire Brothers

Founded in 1921, this regional grocery chain operates more than 100 retail locations from Texas Hill Country in the west to Lake Charles, Louisiana in the east. Though its focus is traditional grocery and pharmacy, Brookshire Brothers has complimentary formats that include fuel and tobacco operations. Brookshire Brothers is committed to quality and service in their stores and is known for its good food and its good people who do good deeds in the communities they serve.

About Herlitz Inventory Management

Founded in 2009, Herlitz Inventory Management (Herlitz IM) provides tightly integrated Demand Forecasting, Order Optimization, Promotion, and Forward Buying. Herlitz’s innovative designs are an industry standard; used by thousands of companies to optimize inventory.

With end-to-end visibility and new insights, HIMPACT® is uniquely suited to today’s marketplace, delivering optimized buying quantities, highly satisfied customers, and tighter inventory management.