Create a “Win-Win” with Your Suppliers

One of Herlitz IM’s goals is to help you streamline your business processes and perform more efficiently. One way to accomplish this is to build more effective relationships with your suppliers. Savvy wholesale and retail companies know that increased collaboration is the key to long term success. Eliminating the “silos” of information between you and your suppliers can improve your bottom line and theirs, along with improving fill rates and customer satisfaction.

HIMPACT secure web-based design enables vendor collaboration; supporting demand visibility through a two-way communication of supply chain activity and information. The increase in demand visibility streamlines processes, lowers costs, and improves supply-chain performance.

  • Vendor Managed Inventory capabilities are designed-in, eliminating additional costs for third-party services for EDI and VMI.
  • Projections of Future Demand and Replenishment Orders. Vendors can use these projections as inputs into their planning—Improve production scheduling and inventory deployment.
  • Targeted views of data focus vendors on critical needs— Improve responses to new product introductions, promotions, and changes in product life cycles.
  • Secure access for VMI users and internal buyers from their desktops and laptops.
  • Real Time Sharing. E-Mail Vendor Reports or Orders, as PDFs or spreadsheets.
  • Simplify vendor access. Eliminates their efforts to access and manage multiple data sources and interpret your data.

Improved demand visibility translates into better decision making; lowering supply chain costs and increasing revenue.

Collaboration reduces the supply chain’s total cost, improves responsiveness, and mitigates risk. Improving the flow of product translates into better on-time delivery performance, higher fill-rates, shorter lead-times, and lower product costs—a big win-win for all parties.