Carl Herlitz | President & CEO

With over 20 years of experience in the software industry, Carl brings his customer-centered focus and passion for designing new systems that ease execution and increase productivity to the company. Having worked with hundreds of customers improving their Demand Chains, he brings this knowledge and experience forward for HIMPACT’s unique functional design and user interface.

Carl led E3’s European Division in the 1990′s, opening offices in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the UK. Starting his E3 career in 1990, he worked both in software design and development for several years, helping to build several key products.

After his return to the US, Carl served as Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, working on the development of advanced applications. Carl has worked with customers’ Top Executives and trained Buyers in Swedish, French, German and English. He has extensive experience managing Sales, Consulting and Technical staffs supporting solutions in Purchasing and Inventory Management.

Anders Herlitz | Vice President & Architect

Known as the Guru of Inventory Management, HIMPACT is the ninth purchasing system he has designed. Anders has returned to his true passion: finding new methods and techniques to help companies lower inventory and better serve their customers.

As founder and CEO of E3 Corporation, Anders developed several generations of purchasing systems for wholesale and retail businesses, running on IBM mid-range computers. Utilized by over 800 companies in over 20 countries, these systems set the standards for retail and wholesale purchasing systems.

When asked how technology advances have changed forecasting and replenishment system designs, Anders responded, “Advances in technology allow us to approach problems from a new perspective. Today’s processing power supports new innovative solutions that previously eluded us. Current technology allowed us to design HIMPACT to handle much more on its own than any system I have designed.”

Anders spent 20 years with IBM Corp. before founding E3 in 1980. At IBM, Anders designed and developed the first forecasting and purchasing systems for Manufacturing, Wholesale and Retail for their European division. Moving to IBM in the US, he developed several additional systems, including the world’s first online forecasting and purchasing solution, used by customers worldwide.

Bob Feldman | Business Development Manager

Bob serves as Manager of Business Development for the Food and Hard Good industries. He brings more than 15 years of experience in delivering best of breed supply chain solutions to assist his clients to improve their financial results. Prior to joining Herlitz Inventory Management, Bob served in sales and consulting roles at leading supply chain solution organizations including E3 Corporation, GERS Retail Systems and Teradata.

Prior to his career in supply chain planning software, Bob held management positions at one of the largest wire and cable manufacturers in the world. As the Vendor Managed Inventories Manager, he used the E3CRISP VMI solution to improve forecasting accuracy and optimize their inventory investments throughout their distribution channels.

Bob specializes in assisting customers improve their efficiencies and lower their inventory costs. He has a BS Degree in Finance from Northern Kentucky University and is a Certified Supply Chain Professional by the American Production and Inventory Control Society.

Bob Schumann | Director of Education and Consulting Services

Bob has 27 years of expertise in supply chain environments as purchasing director for a major convenience store distributor, a supply chain software services executive, and Replenishment Practice Director for PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

His experience in all areas of supply chain planning and operations makes him an asset to our team. His expertise includes forecasting and replenishment, deployment, order management, inventory management, vendor negotiations, and strategy.

Prior to joining our team, Bob was a former buyer and user of E3TRIM, as well as an implementation consultant for E3. Additionally, Bob also directed a Consulting Practice and Inventory Management Institute for E3.

Bob’s knowledge and expertise is extensive, including, working with over 100 companies and 1000 buyers on various inventory optimization projects. He has led a wholesale/distributor company in the implementation of an automated replenishment system.

Additionally, Bob has conducted over 30 C-level educational seminars, provided inventory management software selection guidance and development of RFPs, led organizational and process redesign, provided specialized training and CPFR guidelines – reducing inventory 33%, lost sales 30% and returns 24% – and performed annual post-implementation analysis and provided corrective action plans to maximize software utilization for major retailers and wholesalers nationwide.

DeWitt Corey Parsons III | Director of Sales

DeWitt Corey Parsons III (Dewey) is recognized nationally as a serial entrepreneur who creates brands, as a business owner who discovers true value and real need, and has the ability to develop an action plan that brings them together.

Parsons began his career in Sales and Marketing in 1977 after attending Bentley University. He founded Unifoods, LTD, in Boston, MA, specializing in the sale of overstock, close‐out and distressed food products on a national scope. Prior to merging Unifoods, LTD with Parsons Associates in 1981, the company reached sales exceeding $12 million over the 4 year period.

Over the next 15 years Dewey built Parsons Associates, a foodservice marketing company, from start up to over $33 million a year in sales until its sale in 1997. It represented major companies such as Con‐Agra, Sweet Street Desserts and Universal Foods.

He co-founded Panther Brewing Company in 1998. It produced highly successful novelty beers by utilizing intellectual property rights purchased from C3 Entertainment. The company branded and launched both Three Stooges Beer and Curly’s Light Beer. Reaching 39 states in a fifteen month run, the brands accounted for over 1.5 million cases in sales for both on and off premise segments and topped $20 million gross revenue. Co‐founding Long Beach Brewing Company in 2000, Parsons launched the alternative malt alcohol beverage, SUBLIME Hard Lemonade, utilizing intellectual property images purchased from the rock band SUBLIME. With the addition of Thin Ice, a low calorie hard lemonade, the brands found 22 states by 2002 with sales topping $15 million.

After selling his interest in Long Beach in 2002, Parsons went on to found Panther Beverage Co. to produce round two of the Three Stooges Beer. He successfully reintroduced the brand in 28 states and Canada selling over 230,000 cases in 7 months.

Parsons then turned his attention to Downtown Wine and Spirits, a retail liquor store in Davis Square, Somerville, MA that he has operated as an absentee owner since 1986. Parsons took an active role in the store in 2003 and grew sales from $1.1 million to over $3.7 million year through 2009.

In 2009, Parsons founded Argentum International to produce hand sanitizer known as the brand staSAFE that utilized silver as the active ingredient.

In 2013, Parsons met Carl and Anders Herlitz and agreed to use HIMPACT in his liquor store as the replenishment tool. He had previous knowledge of their former product, TRIM, as many of the distributors he sold to used it in the ’90s. Parsons was so captured by the results attained and the value proposition with HIMPACT that he asked to partner with the company and was brought in as Director of Sales.

Conrad Phillips | Director of Technical Services and Implementation

Conrad previously served as:

  • IT Manager– Core-Mark
  • Technical Support Manager– E3 USA
  • Technical Support Manager – E3 Europe
  • VP Development – E3 USA & JDA
  • VP of Planning, Allocation & Replenishment – Sports Authority
  • Lead Architect – Herlitz I.M.